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In-depth editing at reasonable rates.


Welcome to Big Sister Edits. Let me give you some insight as to why I’m offering this service. With the advancement of electronic media and e-books, I’ve found we have an abundance of books to choose from on the internet. I, like many others, enjoy having access to so many titles. Unfortunately, I’ve failed to finish many of the e-books I’ve purchased due to poor grammar, spelling, breaks in scenes, etc. which totally ruined the story for me. After a great deal of research into what is offered as well as the pricing of these services, I decided to offer an affordable, quality service aimed to assist self-published authors. I feel that if you hire an editor you shouldn’t have to spend thousands of dollars and you shouldn’t have to choose between various degrees of editing. If you are paying to have your novel edited, you should be getting a complete service, which should include spelling, grammar, content, flow, etc. for one price.

I understand as a writer, you are putting your ideas and thoughts onto the page and while doing so, you can’t worry about the technical aspects. If you did, you wouldn’t be able to focus on the more important task of developing and writing your story. Editing your story is difficult for the author of the work because, let’s face it, you are too close to it and you feel every word is vital. You’ve read, edited and reread your manuscript so many times you are now reading what you expect to see and not necessarily what is actually on the page. Don’t forget that this is the third version and it slipped your mind that somewhere between the first and third versions you changed the character’s eye color, hair color oh and let’s not forget the name of the character.

A good editor looks for spelling, grammar, whether the story makes sense and flows properly, inconsistencies, incorrect words (correctly spelled word, just the wrong word) and sentence structure. To do this, you need a living, breathing editor to read your manuscript. The editor is the “fresh set of eyes” who can read your manuscript and catch all those nitpicky little things that can ruin a good story. If you are not having your book edited by such an individual, you are not providing your “story” with what it needs. Let me relieve you of the technical side and help you polish your “story” into the jewel it can be.


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